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UMT Dongle 9.7 Crack + Loader Setup Without Box

UMT Dongle Crack is a comprehensive mobile repairing tool that repairs IMEI, unlock password and patterns, remove face ID, flashes, FRP resetting, and format phones. It is a versatile utility for mobile phone servicing, reading, and writing Firmware. You have essential software for code unlocking, factory resetting, and removing the sim lock. The dongle operates by connecting to a computer through a USB port. It usually serves as a bridge between the device and the program interface. You have the capability to flash a variety of Android smartphones. It assists you in flashing and repairing popular brands and networking more. You can switch carriers or troubleshoot issues related to locked phones. Its extensive database of firmware provides comprehensive support for various phone models. You can ensure that technicians have the necessary tools to address mobile-related problems. It helps you to bypass FRP to prevent unauthorized access to a phone. 

This feature comes in handy when users forget their Google account credentials. You can deal with second-hand devices that still have FRP enabled. It plays a significant role even for new mobile phone servicing. Furthermore, UMT Dongle Serial Number supports IMEI repair to fix invalid or null IMEI numbers on your devices. This is useful for encountering IMEI-related issues due to unauthorized modifications. You can ensure proper network connectivity and avoid potential errors. It handles several problems with mobile network operators. You have features like reading and writing firmware to upgrade or downgrade your device’s software. This capability enables technicians to install custom ROMs. It recovers bricked devices or simply optimizes a phone’s performance with an appropriate firmware version. You have compatibility with numerous devices to handle software-related tasks. It has advanced functions such as unlocking the bootloader and removing screen locks.

UMT Dongle Crack Download without Box [100% Working]

Its comprehensive toolbox covers nearly every aspect of mobile phone repair. You have an all-in-one solution to wipe phones and restore serial numbers. UMT Dongle Torrent enables you to reset factory as well as hardware data. You can fulfill your commitment in the ever-evolving landscape of mobile phone technology. It allows users to address and fix emerging smartphone challenges. You can work properly for the maintenance of Android mobiles to repair EFS and read unlock codes. You can unlock the sim code for numerous mobile phone models. It repairs and fixes Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, LG, Oppo, and other mobiles. It excels in unlocking the bootloader of supported devices. You can customize your phones, install custom ROMs, and reset factory defaults. It works smartly without the need for complex commands or procedures. Users can encounter software glitches, boot loops, or other malfunctions.

UMT Dongle Keygen permits you to resolve difficult issues by using firmware flash. You can easily revive a bricked or malfunctioning device. It also supports flashing individual components like recovery, system, and reset separately. This tool offers a high level of customization for your convenience. It provides functions to repair, change, or restore serial numbers. You can guarantee that the repaired device maintains its proper network functionality. It supports bypassing Factory Reset Protection locks on Android devices. It has flexibility in connecting to different types of mobile devices and models. You have the competency to reset and recover your Google account to restore contacts. It really aids you in bringing back your necessary data and media files. You can read info, format mobiles, change language, fix freezing, and resolve errors. It unlocks the phone’s pattern, and removes the password, along with a face ID.

UMT Dongle Serial Number

UMT Dongle Key Features:

  • Allows users to flash or install firmware on a wide range of mobile devices for updating the operating system, fixing software issues, or installing custom ROMs.
  • Supports unlocking features to remove network locks, SIM locks, or other types of locks on Android devices to switch carriers or use your phones with different SIM cards.
  • You can utilize it to repair WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity issues. 
  • UMT Dongle Crack is often used for repairing or restoring IMEI numbers, which are unique identifiers assigned to mobile devices. 
  • Help bypass or remove FRP locks, a security feature designed to protect the device from unauthorized access after a factory reset.
  • Favors you to read and write security-related data on the mobiles that assist in tasks like repairing security issues or customizing device parameters.
  • Read the existing firmware from a device and write new firmware for repairing software-related problems and upgrading or downgrading firmware versions.
  • Provides options to format or reset various aspects of the device, including formatting user data, resetting user lock codes, or performing a factory reset.
  • UMT Dongle Serial Key includes diagnostic tools to identify and troubleshoot hardware and software issues on mobile devices.
  • Unlock pattern locks, PIN codes, or passwords on devices when the user is locked out.
  • IMEI repair can be necessary after certain modifications or when IMEI is corrupted.


  • Support a large number of mobile phone brands, versions, and models for servicing and unlocking various devices from different manufacturers.
  • Operates on a module-based system to perform specific functions by activating relevant modules that provide flexibility.
  • Commonly used for tasks like flashing firmware, unlocking phones, removing network locks, FRP, and other security features.
  • Repairing software-related issues on mobile devices, such as fixing IMEI numbers, repairing damaged firmware, and resolving software bugs.
  • UMT Dongle Cracked delivers tasks such as reading and writing firmware, repairing network-related problems, unlocking patterns and passwords, and more.
  • You can take benefits of unlimited unlock operations on a daily basis.
  • Receive regular software updates to stay compatible with new phone models and to address emerging issues. 
  • Provide secure and reliable services to ensure the integrity of the servicing process and protect user data.
  • Incorporate advanced unlocking methods, including support for the latest security measures and encryption protocols on mobile devices.
  • Enhanced diagnostic tools to help technicians identify and troubleshoot both hardware and software issues more efficiently. 
UMT Dongle Serial Number

What’s New in UMT Dongle?

  • Comes with exceptional unlocking methods to fulfill desires to unlock code calculations, Face ID, user password, and pattern.
  • Explore your strength to fix different kinds of security issues simply by repairing damaged or overwritten serial numbers, QCN, BT, as well as IMEI. 
  • You can regain access to your devices without compromising security.
  • UMT Dongle Crack changes phone language, resolves to freeze, handles flash firmware, resets factory data, and unlocks the bootloader.
  • The well-equipped User interface provides tools and functions such as password removal, FRP reset, writing MTK factory flash, and limitless unlocking operations.
  • Includes the latest PIDS, read unlock codes, UFS file system, repair EFS, wipe mobile phones, direct unlock, and many others.

UMT Dongle Serial Number





UMT Dongle Activation Key





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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: MS Windows 7/8+
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Free HDD Space: 500MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV

How to Crack UMT Dongle?

  • Firstly, download the UMT Dongle Crack using the given link
  • Use WinRAR or another tool to extract the software files
  • Now, click the setup file, open it, run it, and install it
  • Use the given serial key to activate the software
  • All done, Enjoy

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